Christmas Mantel. Windows. VW Bus. What more do you want?!

I always wanted a fireplace in our house, but have noticed this one is sometimes a struggle to decorate, because of the curvature and small ledge.  I love old windows!  I have used them for tables, photo frames, and so much more, they are awesome!  I found four of these on craigslist for FREE! I used this same for Thanksgiving, where the wreath is hanging I placed a sign, GIVE THANKS, so I loved it so much decided to use it again!

I wrapped one strand of white Christmas lights around the window and hung the wreath from the top.  I absolutely love this and am thinking of keeping the lights up all the time!!

IMG_2711             IMG_2702 IMG_2703

This VW bus is worked in all my mantel decor, so no exception to our Christmas mantel.



A Little Christmas Fun

I absolutely LOVE Christmas time.  I love everything about it, the smells, the family time, the decorating, and so much more!  Lilly and I love to do crafts together and what better time to show our skills than homemade ornaments during Christmas time.   I was walking through Hobby Lobby and saw these windows for doll houses, so I thought how fun would it be to make mini stain glass windows.  This is super easy and Lillian loved it, so kid approved.

Here is what you need:

1.  Mini windows found in the dollhouse making section of Hobby Lobby, and probably any craft store.  There are 3 to a package and cost 2.99.

2.  Paint.  Any paint I used craft paint, some I already had.

3. Paintbrush or a sponge make-up applicator (that’s what I used).

4.  Wax paper.

5.  Crayons.

6.  Peeler.

7. Iron.

8. Glue Gun.



Step 1.   Paint your window.


2. Decide what colors you want your stain glass to look like.  Tip: Do not put too many colors, because when they melt together you could end up with brown.  Grab your peeler and start peeling your crayons. Tear the paper, so that when you fold it over it will be big enough for your window.


3. Iron it.  Then grab your window, trace it, and cut it out.


4.  Glue the cut out to the back of the window.  Also, I opened it a little along the side and glued the two pieces together, so that it would not open later.  We also, added glitter to both of them.  Glitter makes everything better!

IMG_2695                          IMG_2819

5.  I added rope to the back of it to hang it up and viola a mini stained glass window!  These are so easy and we had so much FUN!  I LOVE IT!

IMG_2732                      IMG_2743